The Bike March, Alba Carolina fortress, 2015

Alba Local Energy Agency – ALEA – established in 2008 with the support of Intellingent Energy Europe progamme – is a nongovernmental and nonprofit organization that contributes to the sustainable development of Alba County by improving the current situation in energy efficiency, energy management and energy use from renewable sources.

ALEA aims on one hand to become a competent authority in promoting sustainable development in Alba County by reinforcing the current energy status, and on the other hand to be a decisive factor in changing the mentality of people as energy consumers.

Alba County Council DECISION (in romanian language) on the participation as a founding member in the constitution of the „Alba Local Energy Agency” Association
Intelligent Energy Europe

Main objectives of the Agency:

  • Formulation of energy policy at county level;
  • Support given to local authorities in the development and implementation of local action plans for sustainable energy;
  • Promoting energy efficiency projects in economic entities, buildings belonging to public institutions, housing, public utility systems;
  • Promote the implementation of systems for producing energy from renewable sources in Alba County;
  • Raising awareness and educating intelligent energy both citizens and decision-makers from local government and the private sector.

Since its establishment, ALEA recommend itself by:

  • Contribution to the realisation of The Energy Masterplan of Alba County – the first county-level in Romania having issued the environmental permit;
  • Supporting more than 30 romanian municipalities that signed the Convention of Mayors – the European large-scale initiative – in the creation and implementation of their Sustainable Energy (and Climate) Action Plans;

Alba Local Energy Agency  Alba is a recognized supporter by the European Commission regarding „Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy” initiative, assuming its promotion at national level and provide full technical support to signatoriy municipalities; This support covers the initial analysis of energy consumption and the monitoring (inventory of energy consumption and CO2 emissions) identifying local resources of renewable energy, implementation of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans – SECAPs, reaching towards ensuring complete management of these processes.

  • Consultancy for energy management in local government and European funds for energy;
  • Organizing seminars and workshops on topics related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy management, efficient public lighting and sustainable urban mobility;
  • Organizing the annual event „Alba Green Energy Fair” – a key event at Alba County level that targets the development of local markets for applications of energy production from renewable sources and energy efficiency (formerly known as „ALEA RES Fair”);
  • Organizing a campaign among high school teenagers called „eCOol„, in which students from the Alba County creates clothes from recycled or recyclable materials,
  • Supporting education courses in schools from in Alba Iulia;
  • Support the promotion and implementation of national programs such as: „Casa Verde” (Green House) for individuals, „Casa Verde” for public institutions and the thermal rehabilitation of housing blocks;
  • Participation in the mapping of wind potential in Alba County;
  • Promotion of projects for the use of energy from renewable sources (micro-hydro, wind, photovoltaic) in Alba County;
  • In addition to the strategic partnership with Alba County Council for the sustainable development of the county, ALEA has as main partners: Alba Iulia municipality, The „1 December 1918” University from Alba Iulia and Centru Regional Development Agency;
  • ALEA is a member of FEDARENE – European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy
  • ALEA is a founding member of CEESEN – The Central and Eastern European Sustainable Energy Network
  • Starting from 2023, ALEA fulfills the function of EUCF National Hub for Romania which will support the promotion of EUCF calls, also exercising the role of EUCF National Expert

Involvement in more than 15 European projects under the „Intelligent Energy Europe” program; These projects cover areas such as sustainable energy in buildings (nZEB), efficient public lighting, rational use of energy in homes, developing the capacity of local communities to use renewable energy sources, achieving an regional energy observatory, green public procurement, sustainable urban mobility and promoting the use of electric vehicles.

E-mail: [email protected] Tel/fax: +4 0258 813 405 Trandafirilor 16, Office 13, Alba Iulia 510113