The third edition of the event ”ALEA Fair 2010” organized by the Local Energy Agency Alba and Alba County Council took place in Alba Iulia during the period 25-26 September 2010.

This year wind, solar, heat pumps, turbines for small hydro, biomass thermal plants and many other applications related to energy from renewable sources were displayed. This year we wanted to give the fair commercial side, so that participating companies could sell some of the products they were displaying.

We continued our efforts to bring inventors to the fair so there was also an Inventors stand, which was attended by Justin Goat, a former associate of Henri Coanda and one of the most famous Romanian inventors.

Hybrid cars were displayed which was a first for Alba Iulia, namely it was Honda which came to show their Insight NRR, sports star from the Geneva Motor Show.

The fair also includes an event for kinder garden children who gave artistic performances in an eco-festival which turned out to be full of surprises and prizes for the participants.

The Romanian Automobile Club and the International Automobile Federation participated with their own stand during the fair. They brought dozens of bikes and more than 20 studentsrode their bikes around Alba iulia in an attempt to raise awaareness among the public regarding poluttion and green movement . The European campaign „Let’s make cars green” of the International Automobile Federation was also launched in Alba Iulia.

It should be mentioned that fair in Alba Iulia is one of the few events dedicated to promoting renewable energy.