Given the classical approach of energy resource depletion (oil) and environmental problems caused by their intensive use, it is necessary to promote the use of renewable energy sources. An EC directive sets the target of 20% of the total energy consumed to be from renewable sources for the year 2020.

Biomass is one of the most important renewable energy sources throughout Europe, identified as a way of increasing the economic potential of agricultural holdings and of contributing to sustainable development in agriculture. Based on these considerations, the Alba Local Energy Agency held the seminar „Biomass – a path to sustainable development of agriculture in the county of Alba.” on 19 September 2008, The seminar was included in the programme of the Fair  ”Agraria Apulum”  and  the purpose of this action was to draw attention to the economic potential of biomass and the environmental impact of its use.

The seminar was attended by representatives of associations and farms, specialists in agriculture, the regulatory agency as a consultant, representatives of companies dealing with the exploitation and processing of timber, farm land owners in rural areas.

Speakers and topics

  • Alba Local Energy Agency : Biomass and economic potential for reducing the environmental impact of agriculture;
  • Agricultural University of Cluj-Napoca – Modern agriculture between challenge and opportunity for intensive exploitation of sustainable development;
  • The Studies and Research of Soil Office of Alba: The situation of Alba County farmland  – their suitability for energy crops;
  • Harghita Energy Management Public Service: energy willow – a chance to rehabilitate degraded lands in the agricultural cycle: the experience of Harghita County;
  • University  ”1st December 1918” of Alba Iulia: Bio-energy a chance for local communities
  • Alba County Council, The Project MOFRER