Consortium of the three partner agencies, created under the „Intelligent Energy Europe” On the 1st and 2nd June 2010, Alba Local Energy Agency organized a consortium meeting of the three partner agencies, created under the „Intelligent Energy Europe. On this occasion, Alba Local Energy Agency, Agence Energies Manche (France) and Aegean Energy Agency (Greece) analysed the fulfillment of the common projects and exchanged experience. The meeting agenda also included other important topics as:

the involvement of the agencies in the Covenant of Mayors – a representative project at European level in which municipalities over 1,700 battle together against pollution the identification of a new common project for the consortium partners financial sustainability of the three agencies in the period of the post European funding.

The Consortium meeting was also attended by the project coordinator Argyraki Vassili, Agence Energies Manche was represented by Director Guy Flucha whereas The Aegean Energy Agency by Alexis Chatzimpiros. Also, the meetings were attended by Ionut Voicu, lecturer at the Genie Energy Thermie et Université de Caen Basse-Normandie.

In addition to reaching the objectives, the meeting was also a cultural exchange opportunity; the guests were impressed by the beauty of Alba Iulia and the surrounding area.

The Consortium Meeting annual meeting is hosted alternately by each of the three partners Agence Manche Energies(France), Alba Local Energy Agency (Romania) and Aegean Energy Agency (Greece). The first meeting took place at the beginning of the project in France, in Saint Lo.