„Earth Day” is a project initiated by Realitatea TV Alba Iulia in collaboration with Media Mall Bucharest  and Alba Local Energy Agency as partner. The project aims to raise public awareness about the importance of Alba County in the current environment. We live in a world where pollution takes its toll on the lives of us all. Global warming is not just a phrase in the speeches of environmental specialists. The effects of pollution and global warming are becoming more visible and clearly the weather is also changing. Although we say we want to live in a cleaner and healthier world, there are few who do something about it.

Stopping the waste of resources, using public transport instead of the personal car, limiting domestic pollution, using renewable energy sources are just a few things everyone should be involved in.

On „Earth Day”, Realitatea TV Alba Iulia broadcasted special programs and made public events in which artists from all citizens who care about what happens around them spoke up about environmental issues. Namely It was a PET colection campaign, planting of trees in a deforested area and a bike tour of the city with the participation of the Mayor of Alba Iulia, Mircea Hava.

Reality TV set up a  „a wall of reality” where everyone could write their thoughts, complaints and environmental aspirations.

World Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22 since 1970 and gradually turned into a major manifestation of humanity. Earth Day message is that citizens of the world will take quick and decisive measures related to clean energy. We are invited to be part in the history of this day.