The Sun is the most important source of energy for Earth. Solar energy is emitted as radiation and is available in huge quantities, practically inexhaustible. Solar radiation can be captured and converted into other forms of energy: electricity or heat.

What is a photovoltaic panel and how it works?

Photovoltaic panels convert solar radiation into electricity. A photovoltaic panel is composed of several solar cells connected in series or parallel.

Efficiency of such panels is between 8-20%, depending on the degree of absorption of solar radiation. The relatively low efficiency of current photovoltaic panels is mainly because from the visible solar spectrum only a small part of the frequency of light wave radiation is converted into electricity.

Photovoltaic panels generate direct current, with variable parameters, inappropriate charging of batteries. For this reason you need a converter to convert electricity produced by photovoltaic panurile electricity with parameters well determined. This converter has various functions for the protection of batteries and a photovoltaic panel.

Thus, a photovoltaic installation is complete will consist of:

  • photovoltaic panels
  • batteries and loading regulators (for off-gris systems)
  • inverter for converting direct current into alternating current

What is the potential of solar energy?


The potential of solar energy is huge. Every half hour, the Earth from the Sun over a quantity of energy equivalent to the energy consumption of mankind during a whole year. Therefore, solar energy is an alternative energy future.

Below is shown the solar energy potential map nationally.

In the area of White County, according to studies carried out research and development ICEMENERG potential solar year varies between 950 kWh/m2 in mountain areas and in 1300 kWh/m2 plateau areas.

How much for a photovoltaic installation?

An installation of photovoltaic capture cost about 5-10 euro per watt installed. Panels sold today are generally very reliable and can operate for 10-25 years without high maintenance costs. These costs are still quite high compared to energy, precisely for this reason-solar photovoltaic projects are strongly supported by the law no. 220 of 2008.

What is the support for solar-photovoltaic energy?

By law number 220 of 27 October 2008, the operating system and transport electricity monthly certificates issued to producers of green energy from renewable sources. For producers of electricity from solar energy is given four 1MWh for green certificates supplied in the national network.

A green certificate is governed by law to a value between 27 and 55 euros in 2009 for trading on the bilateral green certificates.