The project to install over 1,700 solar photovoltaic panels and 20 hot water heaters Alba Iulia City Hall began in December 2009 and currently is in the stage of awarding the contract to supply products as a result of public bidding.

Project totaling over 8.8 million lei is mostly financed from structural funds, 4.2. axis of the Sectoral Operational Programme – „Increase of Economic Competitiveness” (SOP).

After the award of the contract the work of assembling solar installations will begin which is due to be finalised in 12 months.

The implementation of solar thermal systems will reduce electricity costs in selected locations with over 80%. The total installed capacity of photovoltaic panels will be of 257 kW and energy production will be of 303,280 kWh/year. 500 tonnes/year of CO2 emissions reduction is also expected as a result of this project.