General Information

The program is implemented under „Partnership and Cooperation Framework Convention” number 7223/297/16.10.2008 signed between Alba County School Inspectorate and Alba Local Energy Agency .


The purpose of this program is to monitor energy consumption (electricity, gas, water) of several institutions in order to become more efficient consumers.


  • Optimization of energy consumption through the rational exploitation of plants and eliminate excessive consumption factors.
  • Record of energy consumption savings.
  • Raising awareness among students, staff and administration of the educational institutions on energy management and efficiency.


Monitoring will take place from 1st December 2008 for a minimum of one year, with possibility of extension.

Energy monitoring activities

ALEA will perform the following activities:

  • Training of the administrative staff on the monitoring work;
  • Acquisition and processing of initial data of the consumer;
  • Acquisition and processing of data on monthly energy consumption, providing the necessary software;
  • Drawing up of regular reports on energy consumption: the specific consumption, trend curves, identifying some maximum or minimum consumption, etc. The data will be made available to the schools.
  • ALEA will prepare and submit a plan of organization leadership of organizational and technical skills that will lead to optimization of energy consumption after every year of monitoring.

Expected Results

  • It is estimated that after carrying out the monitoring program and the implementation of the proposed actions, the scheme will reduce energy consumption by 10-15%;
  • Reduction of  the amount of CO2 emitted from energy consumptionby 10-15%;
  • Decreased energy financial costs at a rate of 10-15%, with the possibility that this amount can be used for other purposes by the educational institution;
  • Raised awareness among students and teachers on energy management and energy efficiency.