ALEA representative Florin Andronescu took part in the conduct of an analysis regarding the energy situation in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina – Serbia between 18-23.10.2010.

Given the firm decision by authorities in Vojvodina province to promote sustainable development through sustainable energy significant support to this initiative was given by the Assembly of European Regions (AER) materialized in the form of the „Peer Review in Vojvodina” support based on.

Based on an analysis performed by synthesis methodology of best practices in sustainable energy developed at European level, the project proposed to the authorities in Vojvodina a pertinent diagnosis of the current situation in the energy field, identifying its strengths but also vulnerability. Also, analyzing the local and European opportunities and possible threats, the project team of experts from the provincial authorities will provide a comprehensive report that includes recommendations on energy strategy in the province of Vojvodina. During the field analysis over 20 meetings were conducted  with local authorities in charge of key areas of the province’s economy, institutions of education, utilities, private business environment, agricultural associations, chambers of commerce, development agencies, NGOs sites. Peer review in Vojvodina ended with a conference attended by 200 representatives of all parties interested in sustainable development issues. In this context  the first results of the analysis were presented and the provincial authorities decision was reaffirmed to build a viable energy strategy  based on the final report.

A notable result of this visit was an intense exchange of experience and transfer of know-how both to local decision makers in Vojvodina, but also among the experts team „peer review” (2 experts from Italy and two from Romania).

They identified several proposals for joint projects between ALEA and the Italian ”Agenzia CasaClima” on energy audits in buildings and ways to use green energy in construction.

A proposal for long-term collaboration has also been outlined between the authorities of Vojvodina and Alba County Council, considering the similarities of economic potential but also the common concerns for sustainable development of the two regions members in AER.

For further details, see: AER peer reviews agenda (PDF)