The Agency for Centre Regional Development, together with 10 partners in the Center Region (including Alba County) and Brandenburg region implements the project „Renewable Energy Resources – Sustainable Solution to the Two European Regions” (RenERg EuReg) project funded by the European Commission in the FP7 – Regions of Knowledge.

The overall objective of the project is the capacity building of the Brandenburg region, the Center Region in Romania and the regional actors to plan and use renewable resources as a solution for local and regional sustainable economic development by promoting innovation as regional policy and by setting up links between research and the economic environment.

The project’s specific objectives

  • to bring research closer to business by developing closer links between research institutes, local authorities and businesses;
  • to strengthen the capacity of of local actors in research, innovation and technology transfer for local economic development;
  • to ensure the inclusion of research and innovation policy in other regional plans and programs (for ex. Regional Development Plan, the Regional Action Plan for Environmental Protection, etc.);
  • to develop a common framework for the transfer of know-how and cooperation between research partners, in order to ensure better absorption of structural and national funds for innovation;
  • to mitigate negative environmental effects.