The overall objective of SUPPORT is to support local public authorities in implementing sustainable energy policies, in particular by improving the operational quality of the ERDF funds directed towards local administrations for integrated strategies for CO2 abatement with particular attention to the reduction of the implementation gap of energy efficiency measures.

The project also sets out to empower Local Authorities to make optimal use of ERDF funds for integrated sustainable energy strategies and actions, e.g. in the context of voluntary commitments, like the Covenant of Mayors, involving local stakeholders and private subjects in the implementation of energy-related actions and projects.

Project website:

Through SUPPORT ALEA , aims to support local authorities in Alba County in implementing sustainable energy policies under the Energy Policy Instrument – „Alba County Energy Master Plan”, approved by the Alba County Council.

During its lifetime SUPPORT will focus on combining interregional learning activities, namely exchange of experience and mutual learning within regional workshops; on collecting and processing data by involving key actors; on transferring technical and methodological know-how provided by Climate Alliance Italia – the technical consultant of the project; on disseminating information to interested organizations and the general public.

The project approach combines five types of inter-regional learning activities:
– Exchange of experience between partners in interregional seminars, combined with study visits and thematic working groups to jointly analyze best practice/case studies;
– Mutual learning with stakeholders in regional workshops;
– Involvement of stakeholders in collecting and processing data during regional workshops;
– Interregional seminars, regional workshops and international conferences during which the technical and methodological support is provided by the Project Advisory Partner;
– Dissemination of results to the general public through regional conferences and through a final international conference.

Main results targeted by the project:
– More effective implementation of energy policy instruments through more informed and competent access to public and private funds and more efficient use of structural funds for energy-related investments;
– Significant reduction in energy consumption and associated GHG emissions;
– Strong involvement of the private sector in implementing energy-related actions;
– Higher capacity of regional actors to implement sustainable energy policies;
– More efficient integration of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans – SEAP and other energy planning tools in the regional and local regulatory framework