STA_logo_300dpiAlba Local Energy Agency, is the Romanian partner in the project „Sustainable Timber Action in Europe” funded by the European Commission.

Overall objective: Contribute to the reduction of deforestation and forest degradation (DFD) and support the MDGs through the promotion and implementation of sustainable forest management (FM) and Fair Trade (FT) standards with main focus on public procurement policies and practices.

Specific objective(s):

  • Raise public awareness on the impact of non-sustainable and unfair production and consumption of timber (products) on DFD, affecting in particular forest communities, indigenous peoples and small producers.
  • Build capacity and promote the adoption of sustainable FM and FT as key instruments to contribute to reducing DFD and achieving the MDGs.
  • Reach a critical mass of >100 European local authorities (LAs) that systematically implement fair & sustainable timber procurement policies (FSTP) and train >110 timberrelated SMEs on sustainable FM.

Duration: 30 months

Associate in Romania (in addition to the partner – HE) Forestry Department Alba, Forestry Department Maramures Maramures National Park

Program: Europe Aid – non-governmental actors and local authorities in development.
Project website: