logo-energy-neighbourhoodsIt is the second enlarged and improved edition of an IEE project, awarded in 2010 by ManagEnergy, promoting energy saving in housing as a bet between local governments of cities and citizens, by which the latter needs to reduce its energy consumption by 9% in a given period.

  • Project launch: May 2011
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Coordinator: B. & S.U. mbH Berlin
  • Partner in Romania: Alba Local Energy Agency – ALEA.
  • Consortium Partners: 16 of 16 countries.
  • Key Players: Consortium partners, municipalities, support organizations (eg housing associations, utility companies, etc.).
  • Target groups: residents, municipalities, policy makers (local departments, regional, etc.

EN2 Project Objectives:

  • Consumer information and involvement in activities that lead to behavior change in terms of energy consumption;
  • Raising awareness of citizens on energy efficient products;
  • Reduced energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions;
  • Involving local authorities in the fight to reduce energy consumption, contribution to European policies on energy saving.

Project website